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    Childhood toys for our kids

    I saw two little girls talking about their toys in their home when they on the bus for school. I smiled to them for their childish as I have to work now. Sometimes I would think that I want to buy some toys from toys manufacturer in China for my future babies.
    There are so many classifications for the toys. How could I buy the right toys for my kids? I want to see the categories about them. First category is enlightenment toys. Mainly used in small baby, so the baby to recognize the shape or color of an object can be hung on the bed hanging toy or some plastic products, a variety of small animal toys. I would go to remote control toys supplier for a car if I have a boy in future. Second is the theme toy. We can also call it the social life of toys, baby toys to imitate or by playing some of the social roles, strengthen understanding of the world around him just like the remote control toys supplier said, but also can help your baby feel the experience.
    If we still don’t know which kind of toys to choose from China novelty toys wholesale online, we can have some books or videos for the choosing of toys.