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    Children toy is the best medium

    I had a poor childhood so that I know the rare of a toy for me when I was a little girl. Now I’m going to be a mother one day. I will buy various toys from toys manufacturer in China for the interesting and funny life of her or his childhood. I hold that children’s toy is the best medium for playing.
    Generally, children playing with toys in the process, can facilitate coordination hands, eyes, feet and various actions on their help his cognitive development, but also has to appease the child emotional effect. However, when most of the dad than mom to buy toys for children, always anxious to help but to teach children the proper play, once the child did not follow this way to play, parents will be corrected, but this practice completely restricted children development. Child knows how to play car from remote control toys supplier and the family should let their children to invent play, and let him correct his own actions and cognitive experience from wrong, unless the methods are self-injury, wounding tendencies, no one toy has hundreds of different games are played, not only one "standard model."
    Now we should buy the right and suitable toys from China novelty toys wholesale online for our kids one day.