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    Size selection of remote control aircraft

    RC Helicopter sizes have different types. Even if some people are buying toys for children aircraft blindly by pursuit of the bigger the better from toys manufacturer in China, in fact, not the bigger, the better, the right is most important, especially for children, the safety should be top priority.
    There are several common remote control helicopter specifications, about 20 centimeters small and medium-sized 40 cm, large 50 cm, 50 cm or larger, these types of specifications are used for different groups when we buy them from remote control toys supplier. Small aircraft fuselage is small, light weight, basically there is no danger, usually indoors flight, suitable for children or teenagers as a toy, medium and large aircraft are more suitable for teenagers and adults, mostly large aircraft for an adult people.
    If you still don’t know which one to buy, you can take a view at China novelty toys wholesale online for there are various types of size selection for remote control toys.